From time to time, I am reminded that what I do is important.  How I do it, and my knowledge and experience is even MORE important and valuable.  I have Friends who called me about representing them.  They were approached by someone wanting to by their house, without representation.  They negotiated a price without the assistance of a Real Estate Professional, which potentially lost them approximately $6,500.00 net.

They followed that up questions about costs and fees.  Unfortunately, I do not know what else was discussed or negotiated.  We talked a little about title/escrow fees, but also bank fees and HOA fees.  The HOA fees are $1,398.00, some of which are Seller mandated (State Law).  What about Seller concessions, closing costs assistance and a home warranty.

I am glad they called when they did.  I can now step in, and work as their advocate, representing their best interests.  Real Estate in this day and age, is no longer a handshake proposition!

I am experienced, I am knowledgeable, and I provide a valuable service.  Done correctly, real estate is a complex and risky adventure.  Not everyone can just "do" real estate, otherwise everyone would!  Don't risk one of the most valuable possessions you own.  Call a professional!

Mark Smith

Arizona Home Brokerage