I recently spoke with a couple who were planning on Selling their home due to a relocation.  I provided the most recent sales data, based on actual sales in their neighborhood.  When they reviewed the pricing, they were disappointed because "they needed more".  Of course, I understand.  Buyer's and Seller's both want a GREAT deal!

Technology today, allows for more people to be better educated in terms of real estate.  Unfortunately, previewing a Zestimate or two, does not a professional make!  Your home is worth what the market will bear.  If your home has few ammenities and distressed it will sell on the low end.  If it is upgraded to the 9's, it will sell at the top of the range.  Make no mistake...the range is the range REGARDLESS of how you present the house.

Let me ask a question;  If your home value is $300,000.00 based on previous sales, how much is it worth with staging, or a large marketing budget?  If you answered  with something other than $300,000.00, you might be shocked at the reality. The correct answer is $300,000.00.

I had another conversation with a Seller who wanted to see comparable homes that included a pool (their home did NOT have a pool).  Their reasoning was simple...that was the price they wanted!

The market will give you what it gives you, regardless of your hopes, dreams, wants and wishes!  I want to help you, but unrealistic expectations are what keep listings from selling.  Ask yourself if you want to list your home, or SELL your home?  There is a HUGE difference.

If you are looking for a realistic perspective so that you can make an educated decision, please call me.  If you want to choose your Zestimate experience over my market experience...Best of luck with your listing.