Buyers and Sellers rely on their real estate Representative to provide many services, like marketing, contract prep, negotiation to name just a few.  The often overlooked, almost after thought, is the team the Representative surrounds themselves with.  They say, you are only as successful, as the people you surround yourself with. 

Are your trades and vendors licensed, bonded and insured?  Are they members of trade associations that require continuing education, are they experienced (or have they "done a few jobs")? 

My team consists of several experienced, licensed, bonded and insured vendors and trades. They belong to associations and organizations that require continuing education.  They are also highly recommended from past Clients and peers.  In some instances, if I use a new trade, I will look on Angie's list, but they must have over 80 reviews.  I will then compare those finding with their listing in the BBB.

When you hire Arizona Home Brokerage, you get a solid team.  If accountability, quality workmanship, communication and value are important to you, they are also important to me!