I recently had the opportunity to explain to a Seller why I did not believe in Open houses and Broker tours as a benefit to a Seller.  You see, since 2003 I have sold exactly ONE home because of an open house.  Most people who visit your open house fall into one of two categories - Nosey Neighbors and Buyers for a home other than your home.  

Online marketing with professional pictures and video have taken the place of an antiquated system of holding open houses.  With a robust online presence, you attract the attention of many more people who are actually interested in searching for homes.

This particular Seller also questioned Broker/Agent Tours.  I asked what he expected, and his response was to get other Brokers/Agents to see his home.  While he is correct, other Broker/Agents will be forced to see his home.  The real reason they are on the tour, is to get exposure for their home.

Both of these activities are antiquated ways of thinking.  Open houses draw almost no visitors and Broker/Agent tours are self serving to the sponsors of said tours.

What I will do; market analysis (pricing is VERY important), marketing, negotiating, working with Buyers Agents, Lenders, Inspectors, Appraisers, Title companies and trades to make sure the home closes as requested and facilitating appropriate and legal paperwork in a timely manner.  I will do all of this, while acting as an advocate for my Client.  I work diligently to look out for their best interest, while minimizing risk.

So, when I am asked about open houses and Broker tours, I will usually just smile and talk about my REAL duties.