Real estate is cyclical in nature.  Usually, it benefits one party over another in terms of price and activity.  Currently, we are in a STRONG Seller/Landlord market.  As such, if you lose.  I had a potential Tenant get frustrated because they took 3 days to "think about it".  In this market, you might not even have 3 hours.  By the time they responded, we had already received multiple applications.

I read a great line from one of my peers.  They had a client who wanted to "sleep on it", regarding the decision to buy a particular house.  He said "you can sleep on it tonight, but someone else will be sleeping in it tomorrow".

My suggestion to Buyers/Renters in this market; Be aggressive, don't low-ball (you will probably need to go higher than list price), be QUICK, submit a clean offer (NO Seller concessions).

You need to be aware of the market, and how it impacts you.